TaxWorks customers now served by Thomson Reuters

After careful consideration and much deliberation, we have determined that RedGear Technologies will no longer offer the TaxWorks line of tax, tax planning, fixed assets, and document management solutions.

We're pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Thomson Reuters to provide TaxWorks users with UltraTax CS®. UltraTax CS is full-featured and advanced and we are confident that it will be an excellent alternative for TaxWorks customers. TaxWorks staff will continue to support the 2012 TaxWorks products through December 31, 2013.

Thomson Reuters has assembled a dedicated TaxWorks to UltraTax CS transition team that is already working to ensure a smooth transition to UltraTax CS including comprehensive data conversion services, free software training, and special pricing. The TaxWorks team has been working directly with Thomson Reuters to ensure the needs of TaxWorks customers are met and to collaborate on their transition services to ensure they are comprehensive and tailored to the needs of TaxWorks users.

Thomson Reuters has a specially trained, dedicated team of TaxWorks to UltraTax CS transition specialists available at 855.244.5982. For more information, visit

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