ArkWorks Professional
ArkWorks Paperless Solutions offers the latest business-filing technology to organize and prioritize your document needs. As a five-star rated award winner, ArkWorks Professional ensures your documents are safe, stored, and accessible for any scenario. Allow ArkWorks to manage your strategy needs by visiting them today for more information.

In addition to providing unbeatable software and strategy solutions, ArkWorks also offers live, online product webinars for your instruction. In addition to online support, the software is fully customizable and easily accessible. With document scanning and free 30-day trial, there’s no reason to wait!

Deductr software acts as an automated tracking system to continuously monitor your expenses so you don’t have to. It’s time consuming and somewhat overbearing to be consistently supervising purchases and deductions, which is why Deductr software provides relief and security to expense monitoring. This mobile application automates the tracking process for you. Start your 30-day free trial today.

RedGear Financial Products
RedGear Technologies has partnered with several leading financial institutions to offer a wide variety of product options to choose from. These product options allow you to earn significant fee-based revenue and incentives while offering your clients a variety of settlement options. Apart from the speed of tax return delivery and convenience of use, security measures and added benefits like prepaid ATM cards and online bill-pay, these RedGear financial products will ensure your financial future is safe, affordable, and simplified.

TaxWorks Hardware
Once you’ve installed TaxWorks professional software, you have an incredible number of options for hardware add-ons. The RedGear family provides everything from barcode readers to document scanners, and even signature pads. Use your account number you receive from TaxWorks and begin browsing your hardware options for total tax optimization today!

Protection Plus
Protection Plus is focused on giving the advantage to the tax payer by adding peace of mind to the filing process. With Protection Plus the consumer receives a low-cost audit protection in the rare case of a filing mistake. With no enrollment cost for your offices Protection Plus will work with taxpayers that may be assessed penalties, interest, and back taxes owed to the IRS.

Tax Training
RedGear has partnered with The Income Tax School, Fast Forward Academy and Universal Accounting to provide you with the necessary courses to complete all your tax training specifications. If you're looking for beginner or advanced tax training, or just need to take required continuing education, we can help. Visit the above links to receive special rates.

TaxWorks Institute
When you purchase TaxWorks professional software, you also have the advantage of looking up any question you may have in seconds. The TaxWorks Institute provides users with an online resource that includes previous case research from tax legal battles of the past, and standard case research for continual updates from the IRS. Watch the five-minute demo now and utilize your TaxWorks software today.

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